Where will the Wenchuan money go as soon as possible? The question mark is straightened

ring an earthquake is a watershed in the history of charity in China.
It is important to open the whereabouts of related money saving and cultivate the peoples charitable faith.
Wenchuan earthquake in the past 8 years,
but every to 5.
there is a related topic will always be carried out - donations whereabouts.
The day before the media reported: according to the Department of Civil Affairs statistics show that only after the Wenchuan earthquake disaster area within half a year,
the money raised 76 billion 214 million yuan,
of which 65 billion 200 million yuan donation,
more than 1996 to 2007 received national disaster relief donations Total (42 billion yuan donation).
But so far,
about 15 billion 100 million yuan have been announced for the use of details,
and the whereabouts of the remaining 0 billion 100 million have not been made public yet.
These data as soon as he announced,
sparked heated debate on the Internet,
and to merge the miscellaneous repercussions of similar items,
that is m