What to be released this week, parasyte drama chase chase in the mainland

ring is weeks play wasnt too big,
but it was a relatively smooth week.
Mars this week ushered in a small climax,
or 2%.
The same is 99.
9: criminal professional lawyers fell more cases in the last week,
still with a score of 16.
3% in national conventional television ratings first,
the leader of the basic pattern has been set.
Good Partner~ invincible lawyer and NHKs little peas TV steadily rising,
ratings have been catching up with the popular drama the worlds first difficult love.
This weeks small Peas TV,
the debut of Ryo Nishikido,
in addition to excellent performance of fellow actor,
more back to the starting point of the whole TV industry,
to love moving,
old memories tetsuko plot also copy from rolia.
The rest of the ratings not rushed to the 10% play,
9 still tepid downturn,
and out every week republication has larger fluctuation.
Ive come to pick you up and the unpleasant fruit have declined in the last two weeks.
Although the former Raffles Cang jig and Tsuchiya too t