The Minister of Xiongben exchanged seismic aid with fans in Osaka. Thank you

ring ne month after the Xiongben earthquake,
Xiongben countys mascot,
business minister Xiong Benxiong 13,
visited Osaka city agatanoatae store Xiongben shop good stuff.
For the first time since the earthquake,
events were held in Kansai to thank all of you for your assistance.
The shop filled with sushi smoked horse meat products in Xiongben,
Xiong Benxiong is a fan and a hug,
and touch the fan head.
Also read the message written on refueling and so on,
and write thank you all,
and later will refuel Oh!.
Xiongben Osaka County Office,
in order to support the Xiongben earthquake,
to store the turnover in April increased almost 2.
5 times in the same month last year,
becoming the highest turnover since October 2010 shop.
This is the resurrection of the 5 June Xiong Benxiong,
following the 11 day held in Saga County under the age of 23 players in international friendly soccer game in the donation activities,
second activities outside the county.
In addition,
the territory of ASO County of Xiongben