ring wer: role poster for the sixth season.
The crew of the game of Thrones a youth film,
constantly adding Gore and nudity,
only speculation no creation,
Martin put into play with Uncle Spartacus and Twilight version.
It is a difficult task to adapt Wen / Wangs novel into film and television works.
It can not be used to judge film and television works by evaluating the standards of fiction,
but it is common knowledge that film and television works can not throw away novels.
As far as the first four seasons are concerned,
the game of power is fairly good and can hardly be found.
Bloody wedding? It is the most worthy of a place to see; Stannis attack dragon work not completed? The Blackwater several turns enough excitement; red Viper surprise enemy killed? You forgot the first set clear appearance of the town? But from the beginning of the fifth season,
the game of Thrones became a kill and fuck game,
the scale is more and more big,
but the story and characters are more and more monoto