Monitoring blackouts coincidence why questioned?

ring in daily management,
has long been destroyed in the hearts of the family in the eyes of the credibility of the family.
admitted to the center only with the authority of the investigation team to convince the families.
It is doubtful whether the investigation team will have sufficient authority to endorse it.
According to CNR network reported that in December last year,
an AIDS drug addicts in Chenzhou,
a special group of drug-related personnel admitted to the center of death,
the incident monitoring failure due to power failure can not be restored.
The composition of the investigation group by the Chenzhou municipal judicial organ,
recently announced the results of the preliminary investigation on the cause of death,
the dead is a chronic stroke death,
admitted to the regulatory responsibility center.
First of all,
we must oppose those cold-blooded remarks,
such as a drug addict or a dead person.
Its good for society to die.
According to Chinese law,
drug taking is an illegal,
not a c