Miarmy - an innovative, revolutionary, and easy-to-use Maya cluster animation plug-in that specializes in group simulation, behavioral animation, biophysics, simulation, and rendering

ring army? Miarmy (please read: My Army to zhe Jun) is a Autodesk Maya cluster animation plug-in products,
it can be used in group or simulation,
intelligent behavior control,
artificial intelligence and editing,
physics simulations and the final image rendering; it is mainly used for animation,
advertising and other media content production 3D.
industry only without any programming and connection,
only by imitating human thinking,
can build intelligent systems,
digital editing role of the brain in 2.
the standard industrial process,
Referencing system,
Human IK motion any role in structure,
builder supports 3.
seamless integration of PhysX engine,
with a rigid emitter and cloth.
Support Maya fluid,
force field,
hair and other physical function 4.
for what renderer,
Maya files directly into the render farm,
without any independent renderer based what Miarmy can do for you? Open the link below to get a shock experience! Http://v.
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