Hand in hand, exclusive custom travel, love the way the state of designer million seed round of financing

ring oud,
exclusive selection of high-quality entrepreneurial projects,
mining exclusive financing information.
Spend 5 minutes learning about love state,
an overseas experience sharing sales platform.
custom tourism love way state founder Jacky to hunt cloud network (micro signal: ilieyun) exclusively revealed,
love the way the state APP has completed 2 million yuan seed round of financing,
personal investment,
funds are mainly used for product development,
team building and training of seed users.
angel financing is underway in angel state.
Love state is an overseas experience sharing sales platform,
providing users with high-end customized tours,
including theme travel services.
Users are targeted at executives,
including students and white-collar workers.
Users are divided into B end providers,
C end potential users,
and travel designers.
Why cut into personalized travel? Jacky says the reasons include three points: 1) resources.
Resource information asymmetry of overseas tou