[exclusive] Wanda film injection soon, Wang Jianlin billions of film Empire rise

ring rket preference Wanda film and television into Wanda cinema such a story.
Wen and Duan Mingzhu Wang Jianlins empire to take shape.
May 12th,
Wanda cinema announcement,
will be 37 billion 200 million yuan to buy 100% equity interest in Wanda film.
In January this year,
Wanda film and television has acquired legend film.
Wanda cinema in February before the suspension,
the market value has been as high as 94 billion 300 million yuan,
through this acquisition,
Wanda cinema not only exceeded the market value of 100 billion,
will also open up the film and television production,
screenings of the industrial chain.
The merger has long been foreshadowing.
Wang Jianlin has been promoting the listing of Wanda film and television.
In the merger legend film conference,
Wang Jianlin had such a statement: Wanda this year,
or soon,
will start the film production,
publishing the capitalization of this field of action,
or called IPO.
Buy legendary pictures,
no doubt Wanda pictures in the capi