You watch Yi Jianlian participate in the basketball Chinese road to Rio in Rio to discuss the Olympic Games

ly came to May,
in the twinkling of an eye,
Rio Olympic footsteps closer and nearer.
What happened to the Chinese men's basketball team that inspired the Chinese people last year? Everything seems to be a step by step.
In the March Olympic draw,
China was assigned to group A,
with opponents of the group,
as well as the United States,
and the remaining 2 opponents had to wait until after the election to determine.
The men's basketball team training list also released at the end of March April,
has been reported to the team members have traveled to Kunming Haigeng bases,
began a 3 week training camp.
The future of Chinese men's basketball team at the Rio Olympics has become the topic of concern for all fans.
the Chinese men's basketball team's Rio road is not a