What charm does she have when she is paralyzed by the frozen life of Liu Tao?

the above family can quickly pay attention oh - the United States and the United States since the Ode to joy since the launch,
the topic was maxed out,
a nightly television broadcasting,
would later play various roles on the hot search,
what # Qiu Yingying #,
# fan Shengmei # are even close Juer be not at all surprising,
said English documents can be hot all values may be refreshed again,
this should be made of this type of drama was the most attention at a time! On the evening of May 2nd,
Liu Tao in micro-blog drying out and veteran cadres Jin Dong photo,
and wrote: Andy and old Tan youth.
In the photograph,
Liu Tao and Jin Dongkao are together,
to lens self timer,
very well matched.
Netizens are saying I wish they could be together,
but two people already