This article looks at 1 billion people crying

to meet good music and heart,
sharing memories of director of the people's Liberation Army Newspaper Liu Shengdong's mother died,
so he wrote a funeral oration.
The article is as follows: Although mother is just an ordinary rustic woman,
she is the Jade Emperor of my emotional world.
The number of mothers visiting home is numbered.
Write these words,
right against the mother's thoughts and repentance,
1 bitter days are gone but the old mother started a good day mother took this is my poor mother alive when I was away when I came back the mother was gone and this is your son 2,
my mother with me when the cut is my flesh and my life is that the umbilical cord is cut off when the mother of heaven my emotional umbilical this is my life's sorrow,
3 for her child to feel there are a lot of child