These owners want to wonder how wonderful, license plate big collection, bright blind your eyes

the fire yesterday,
is the two car owners after the photo: scratch,
scratch a good photo? Elder brother fix one's eyes to see,
originally smile in the license plate: ha ha ha ha ha.
One sb,
one 2B,
is 250.
Two owners must look back to tears in the past,
only in exchange for this life this encounter.
The picture is so beautiful that I can't help looking and looking.
Fujian also has a past life: two brother so,
back to the original starting point,
standing quietly in the car before we finally came to this day ~ (singing) and so on,
you left the phone? Hey,
this is a wonderful love you ~ the truth caused by the license plate in the street,
the 2B,
SB (q) of magic (P.
) the license plate is not really old and young.
that's me? Big brother,
you have to hate myself this i