The birthday that is poor or poor rich life in your life

people flow difficult,
according to fortune arch,
the introduction of business development,
great opportunity,
early normal,
middle-aged shipped to Lee Road of prosperity,
the life of fat.
The second was born today good character,
and human health,
family harmony,
thin margin from the ancestral family,
young brother hard,
difficult to rely on,
independent living,
middle-aged Yun day,
male hostess is elegant,
the establishment of the life.
The third was born today - Chinese marital harmony,
not marriage,
son g lack,
must be slim Boyd,
early thirty,
being promoted,
forty Sheng Yun,
left for good environment right,
and the splendor of life.
The fourth,
people born today Chinese learn more,
it should not be outstanding,
good fortune,
is not at