The angry parents will reap what kind of child they regret

ach their children first and foremost in their physical education! The children rushed to temper,
will spoil the child's soul,
let him stupid Fu Bo,
also let him have a headache and other diseases.
Parents should be careful not to get angry with children and get angry.
Don't you have to use a child with a temper,
temper the child,
your fire ran to the child's head,
spoil the child's soul,
with a inhibition on the child's head,
a gas a tempering,
add a back inhibition.
Days and months multiplying,
inhibition is more and more,
virtual inhibition becomes a real headache in children,
the parents age will lower leg pain,
not only harm the child victims of their own children,
the soul is firmly imprisoned without damage,
wisdom never,
want him to learn more well,
he will learn more and more good