[] prospective tomorrow the five major stock market speculation stock index 3000 points (with shares of hot money relay singing)

n policy conjecture will enter probability: 80% the National Social Security Fund Council 2016 open recruitment work has been started,
the most interesting is that in the recruitment announcement,
involving pension management and pension accounting department,
the two departments is the new Department,
hiring up to 6 people,
more than the number of recruitment of other departments.
The pension management department has surfaced,
and with the other recent rumours,
the pension market is pretty close.
main conjecture: the national team set up the stage,
singing hot money probability: 80% today's stock index opened slightly lower 4 points after shrinking upside,
and at 9:57 yesterday as the upside 2997 points,
then abruptly by financial and real estate non-ferrous coal weight down,