Marcello should be playing in front of Zidane Masai louqie

is morning,
in the Champions League semi-final against Manchester City,
Marcello played Marseille in front of coach Zidane.
What does Zidane think about it? C what do you think? What did Li Yi the great in China see? The author | Zhuang thirteen in Zidane and C Ronaldo watched,
Marcello staged a masai.
Is this really Marseilles roundabout? No,
this is the Marcello maneuver.
1 introduction the Masai Masai,
is a football offensive player from a ball defensive tricks,
also known as the 360 man,
Maradona man,
Marseille roulette,
roulette man or roller coaster.
This extraordinary method of ornamental excellent,
the most famous user is Zidane and Diego Maradona.
Real Madrid,
C Ronaldo on this kind of technology at home.
Maradona Zidane is so elegant C Luo also adept shellfish handsome