Huang Bo said he looked like a dog, and Huang Lei made him laugh and cry. He used the color value to hold up the challenge

ion to entertainment,
Gua Gua female secret secret entertainment,
speaking of national uncle,
who would you think of? It's uncle Sven,
Wu Xiubo? Uncle Zhang Jiayi is honest? Or uncle Honglei Sun? Talking about Honglei Sun's narcissism,
this is a great landscape in the entertainment world.
Ever since uncle Sun took part in the extreme challenge program,
he has gone further and further away on the road to narcissism.
Looking at Sun uncle's micro-blog,
full of all kinds of self pictures.
See him in the picture with pictures with words carefully,
it can not bear to look! Actually,
I love Honglei Sun and love him,
the words in the picture pack scare me! I have the value of Yan,
as well as beauty tip.
Cosmic thunderbolt invincible,
handsome king,
invincible handsome,