Gou Yunhui suspected rob girlfriends, ten million boyfriend 34 years old, Guo Jingjing Pro next year to have a second child

recommended new Lawrence ho Kwan and his girlfriend low-key dating a subway ticket for the sweet ear biting tycoon He Hongshen four real son He Youjun and daughter Lin Huili,
earlier Singapore businessman (Kimmy) reported feeling broken,
but later confirmed this pair of lovers will not break up,
but love to live,
the day before Lin Huili also secretly flew to Hongkong to meet her lover.
Central shopping.
The two rich generation dating and did not call the driver,
but the subway,
because two people have no bus card,
to the subway station to buy a ticket,
a little ride public transport of the son,
it seems to the purchase process is not familiar with,
while buying laughing,
feel very fresh,
not when the head head yaoerduo for a long time,
just bought a ticket.
At that time,
work time,
cars c