Exclusive interview, Huang Xiaoming sent 20 years of good cards, today I want SayNo

't pretend to be B,
MOE cheap,
chicken soup,
orange entertainment,
WeChat public number juziyule,
the reporter saw Huang Xiaoming is a stranger.
I don't want to be a good guy anymore.
! I really don't want to be a good guy anymore! Huang Xiaoming said this without showing his red faced dentist's smile; on the contrary,
he was serious and full of energy and felt as if he were making some kind of oath.
But then he added,
the decision is late,
but it's too late.
He lost his voice and said,
he leaned back and stuck himself in the sofa.
This is what Huang Xiaoming stressed most in the interview.
On the day of the interview,
Huang Xiaoming had just finished a charity ceremony,
immediately rushed to the back room interview orange entertainment,
Huang Xiaoming sat down,
a dresser quickly c