A letter from Vardi

Jamie Vardi,
and this is my story.
When I was 15 years old,
I was my favorite club Sheffield Wednesday out.
The coach said I was too short,
there is no future in the world of football.
I suddenly grew 20 centimeters,
and successfully got an amateur team contract.
I only 30 pounds a week.
In order to survive,
I had to work as a worker in a carbon fiber factory.
I went all the way to the job at the age of 22.
Since I was 22 years old,
I've been climbing up and down the football world.
League seventh,
League sixth,
League fourth.
My goals are getting more and more,
and more and more opportunities are being exposed.
Leicester took me in.
They offered me 1 million pounds.
I've never seen so much money in my life.
that's right.
I told the Leicester boss that if I could get