Windwall arthorn can stop the bomb's first big wall Nirvana recruit alliance analysis

small mm can subscribe to oh! So many heroes in the league,
each hero has his skill,
offensive skills have a defensive skill,
today we're going to talk about the defensive skills I think a skill is the strongest,
from W - arthorn blast Jianhao wind barrier.
Analysis of the hero skills arthorn,
since the launch has been very popular with our favorite game player,
today is not to say that his EQ flashes and skills,
but to talk about his wall,
wall is a skill few can directly block off flight props in the league,
the shield stronger than some bloom,
bloom shield can move.
Windwall can not move,
but the wind is directly stopped,
after bloom down also bear part of the crotch injury,
and this is in a different place,
today is the main said windwall can intercept what can not intercept anything