This is the sixty-first hospital sepsis, pulmonary embolism, severe depression, high iron, sudden asthma, rescued Hangzhou girl experience, people sigh with emotion

morning 8:06,
Qu fire son calls: Hello,
I am on the high-speed rail burst asthma girl,
this noon has arrived in Hangzhou,
continue to be hospitalized.
In the circle of friends,
many familiar doctors and nurses are forwarding your reports,
full of love and blessings,
and I know how lucky I am.
Thank you! If you can,
I'd like to say thank you to the two doctors in the province,
and when I get out of the hospital,
I'll say thank you in person,
please! Qu fire child is a 90 girl,
23 years old,
who lives in Hangzhou uptown.
In life,
friends call her fire.
The report on fire child was published in the A03 edition of the previous day express.
It happened G2336 high-speed rail back to Hangzhou on the evening of May 2nd,
car 2,
a twenty year old girl sudden asthma,
shortness of breath,