The second focus who earn money beads cry blind

ing goes,
the gentleman's love of money in a proper way.
What about the opposite? That is to take ill-gotten gains for the pirates.
Ill-gotten gains is various,
including the cry blind beads money.
The two day the sensational news is Wei Zexi incident,
Baidu and Putian was a mouthful spittle planetesimals drowned.
They are accused of disregard for human life is actually not,
earned the money.
This should not earn money,
with my hometown Zhaoyuan old saying cry blind beads money.
What is the money for crying blind beads? In the old society,
some people poor at home,
some years have no way out,
can only sell their children,
this is the cry blind beads of money.
There are people and orphans not only rely on relief,
to live,
this is the cry blind beads of money.
Now is the new society,