[rules and ideas really read China's 5 deep WeChat worth

e the WeChat public number of the most regular consciousness,
the most ideological depth of the 5 public numbers,
here to read china! Long press attention: two-dimensional code scanning: 1: Law School Library (micro signal: lawreaders) one of the WeChat number of public law established,
the number of users currently nearly 600 thousand.
Rule of law,
new media,
reading Butler,
passing on common sense,
enlightening the rule of law.
Selected repeatedly in the new media rankings,
China's WeChat 500,
selected the national procuratorial organs from the media ten,
won the new media index 2015 most explosive force from the media people title.
2 consensus network (micro signal: igongshi) to make the idea more dignified,
so that consensus is possible.
Efforts to build the country's top ideological