[observation] black technology debut booth concept, what to light the future?

nghai motor show last year,
a unique approach to coffee shops showed that the difference between being a latecomer and a maverick brand positioning became the most attractive booth.
at this year's Beijing auto show,
the concept of what will bring us what kind of surprise,
this is a lot of people concerned about the problem.
unlike last year,
qoros booth this year is out of the ordinary,
compared to other companies to come up with the latest production of different models,
to view the conference and did not release any a listing of new products,
but as a concept car and new technology to show a new view.
In this conference,
the concept of the exhibition to view the 3 Q LE CTRIQ pure electric concept car,
view to 5 SUV Q • LE CTRIQ,
pure electric concept car and QamFree engi