Breaking the wall is more turbulent, it is time to put Emoji on the body

eautiful expression in the world is a sincere smile.
some people use it to make a brand,
known as the world's most happy brand - Smiley smiling face.
The story begins in 1972.
At that time,
the French journalist Franklin Loufrani will face registered as trademarks,
and put it in the evening news,
to highlight the good news encouraging,
as the French society just recovered from May storm,
intake a bright sunshine.
Since then,
the joy brought by a small smile has been successfully interpreted in numerous fields,
both social software comes with expressions,
or the major fashion show,
you can see it simple and lovely figure.
Quan Zhilong GD,
his outstanding fashion sense,
is called Fashion Icon by the media.
He is on stage fashion sensibility,
the extraordinary strength and the cont