100 thousand automatic block SUV, how to choose these CVT models, smooth and good drive?

e buy SUV actually prefer automatic,
but some models of the whole system is manual,
Xiaobian solicited several but not automatic models SUV and CVT transmission,
smooth and easy to drive,
to see which is your dish.
Dongfeng Nissan Kai Chen - T70 price: 8.
78 million selling from the comprehensive performance of strong technology Nissan Kai Chen is the joint venture brands,
T70 big three or from Nissan models,
reliable technology,
strong practicability.
With models are also equipped with a 360 degree image function,
but also to show a lot of blind spots,
safety enhancement.
Although located in the compact SUV,
but the internal space is still quite large,
trunk volume of 534 liters.
Daily driving mute control effect is good,
CVT transmission speed up smoothly,
fuel consumption is rela