Apple's billion investment is not as simple as you think

ring h,
Didi announced the progress of travel,
the latest round of financing,
Apples  billion to participate in this round of investment,
this is by far the single drop was the largest investment,
is Apples first investment China Internet Corporation.
In this regard,
both sides of the CEO were sent an official response: didi travel founder and CEO,
Cheng Wei said: Apple recognition order set up four years of trickle down by encouraging,
but also an incentive.
Bit by bit will continue to work with drivers and passengers,
together with global partners,
to allow everyone to have more flexible and diverse travel options; to help our cities solve traffic,
environmental and employment challenges.
Apple CEO Tim Cook said: drops show the spirit of innovation of the Chinese iOS developer community.
Bit by bit to create a travel platform and its outstanding management team amazing,
we look forward to supporting the long-term development of drops.
About Apples  billion investment drops,
there is

Information daily list May 13th WeChat public influence list

ring read the original to see the new index algorithm.
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Hand in hand, exclusive custom travel, love the way the state of designer million seed round of financing

ring oud,
exclusive selection of high-quality entrepreneurial projects,
mining exclusive financing information.
Spend 5 minutes learning about love state,
an overseas experience sharing sales platform.
custom tourism love way state founder Jacky to hunt cloud network (micro signal: ilieyun) exclusively revealed,
love the way the state APP has completed 2 million yuan seed round of financing,
personal investment,
funds are mainly used for product development,
team building and training of seed users.
angel financing is underway in angel state.
Love state is an overseas experience sharing sales platform,
providing users with high-end customized tours,
including theme travel services.
Users are targeted at executives,
including students and white-collar workers.
Users are divided into B end providers,
C end potential users,
and travel designers.
Why cut into personalized travel? Jacky says the reasons include three points: 1) resources.
Resource information asymmetry of overseas tou

What to be released this week, parasyte drama chase chase in the mainland

ring is weeks play wasnt too big,
but it was a relatively smooth week.
Mars this week ushered in a small climax,
or 2%.
The same is 99.
9: criminal professional lawyers fell more cases in the last week,
still with a score of 16.
3% in national conventional television ratings first,
the leader of the basic pattern has been set.
Good Partner~ invincible lawyer and NHKs little peas TV steadily rising,
ratings have been catching up with the popular drama the worlds first difficult love.
This weeks small Peas TV,
the debut of Ryo Nishikido,
in addition to excellent performance of fellow actor,
more back to the starting point of the whole TV industry,
to love moving,
old memories tetsuko plot also copy from rolia.
The rest of the ratings not rushed to the 10% play,
9 still tepid downturn,
and out every week republication has larger fluctuation.
Ive come to pick you up and the unpleasant fruit have declined in the last two weeks.
Although the former Raffles Cang jig and Tsuchiya too t

ring wer: role poster for the sixth season.
The crew of the game of Thrones a youth film,
constantly adding Gore and nudity,
only speculation no creation,
Martin put into play with Uncle Spartacus and Twilight version.
It is a difficult task to adapt Wen / Wangs novel into film and television works.
It can not be used to judge film and television works by evaluating the standards of fiction,
but it is common knowledge that film and television works can not throw away novels.
As far as the first four seasons are concerned,
the game of power is fairly good and can hardly be found.
Bloody wedding? It is the most worthy of a place to see; Stannis attack dragon work not completed? The Blackwater several turns enough excitement; red Viper surprise enemy killed? You forgot the first set clear appearance of the town? But from the beginning of the fifth season,
the game of Thrones became a kill and fuck game,
the scale is more and more big,
but the story and characters are more and more monoto

The Minister of Xiongben exchanged seismic aid with fans in Osaka. Thank you

ring ne month after the Xiongben earthquake,
Xiongben countys mascot,
business minister Xiong Benxiong 13,
visited Osaka city agatanoatae store Xiongben shop good stuff.
For the first time since the earthquake,
events were held in Kansai to thank all of you for your assistance.
The shop filled with sushi smoked horse meat products in Xiongben,
Xiong Benxiong is a fan and a hug,
and touch the fan head.
Also read the message written on refueling and so on,
and write thank you all,
and later will refuel Oh!.
Xiongben Osaka County Office,
in order to support the Xiongben earthquake,
to store the turnover in April increased almost 2.
5 times in the same month last year,
becoming the highest turnover since October 2010 shop.
This is the resurrection of the 5 June Xiong Benxiong,
following the 11 day held in Saga County under the age of 23 players in international friendly soccer game in the donation activities,
second activities outside the county.
In addition,
the territory of ASO County of Xiongben

Miarmy - an innovative, revolutionary, and easy-to-use Maya cluster animation plug-in that specializes in group simulation, behavioral animation, biophysics, simulation, and rendering

ring army? Miarmy (please read: My Army to zhe Jun) is a Autodesk Maya cluster animation plug-in products,
it can be used in group or simulation,
intelligent behavior control,
artificial intelligence and editing,
physics simulations and the final image rendering; it is mainly used for animation,
advertising and other media content production 3D.
industry only without any programming and connection,
only by imitating human thinking,
can build intelligent systems,
digital editing role of the brain in 2.
the standard industrial process,
Referencing system,
Human IK motion any role in structure,
builder supports 3.
seamless integration of PhysX engine,
with a rigid emitter and cloth.
Support Maya fluid,
force field,
hair and other physical function 4.
for what renderer,
Maya files directly into the render farm,
without any independent renderer based what Miarmy can do for you? Open the link below to get a shock experience! Http://v.
html http